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The body is one of the most miraculous things, but sometimes it needs a little help to function as it should. Massage therapy can help relieve pain and tension caused by all kinds of different things. Is today the day you start a path toward feeling better? 

Providing an alternative way to heal...

One thing I strongly believe is that the body has an incredible ability to heal. Sometimes, it just needs a little help. My goal when you come for a massage is to hear your needs, listen to your body, and help you tap in to what is already there and ready to make a difference. 

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Specializing in clinical neuromuscular, structural bodyworks, Swedish massage and ACE MediCupping.

Now offering Manual Lymphatic Drainage ~ Vodder Technique

Back Massage


60 min - $75

This massage is used for medical conditions such as plantar fasciitis, back pain, neck pain, rotator cuff rehabilitation or shoulder pain, migraines, and other common issues.  This massage is my most requested as it is highly effective for pain relief.



MediCupping allows deep work without the deep pressure of massage.  It is basically reverse deep tissue without strain on the client.  This service may help loosen adhesions, lift connective tissues, bring blood flow and hydration to the body tissue and move inflammation to the skin for release.  Effective for fibromyalgia, lymphatic stimulation, old scars and injury rehabilitation.



  60 min - $85

  90 min - $125

120 min - $160

Great for relieving muscle tension, promoting relaxation and regaining energy.  Using an oil with a light glide, this massage involves soft, long, kneading strokes.  Light rhythmic tapping is also used between transition which affects mostly superficial muscle layers.


  60 min - $85

  90 min - $125

This service compares to the standard deep tissue massage that is common. However, I work in layers. As the muscles and tissues accept the pressure using a combination of thermal therapy, a few cups and a stone occasionally to help work trigger points.  This is a great massage for general muscle stiffness and soreness.

Back Massage
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