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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're a seasoned massage pro or this will be your first massage ever, you may have questions! Please read below for some answers to the questions we are most frequently asked. 

Scheduling and Policies

  • How do I schedule a session? To schedule a session, text me your name and the amount of time you're looking to book. You can reach me at (704) 280-7704. I will return your text during business hours. You can find descriptions of each type of session I have available, along with pricing, under the services tab.

  • What happens if I'm late? Late arrivals will have time deducted from their session. You will receive a reminder text, but it is your responsibility to put your appointment on your calendar and keep up with it. All no-shows will be required to pay the full price of a session before they may rebook. If you need to reschedule or cancel you must do so 24 hours in advance. You can text me with your request to cancel or reschedule. 

  • Are same day sessions available? Same day sessions are available for established clients permitting there are openings. 

  • How do I cancel a session? You can text me at (704) 280-7704 at least 24 hours before a session to cancel. 

  • What payment options do you accept? I accept cash, card, check, and Venmo or PayPal.

  • How much does a massage cost? You can find a full list of my services and their prices here

  • Do you take insurance? I do not file insurance but I do accept HSA or FSA cards.



About Us

  • What licenses and certifications do you have? I graduated from NC Massage school in Cornelius in 2020, and I am certified in Neuromuscular Therapy. In January 2023 I became certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Vodder) in Charlotte which is the gold standard for lymphatic drainage! I am also certified to perform Swedish massage, Ace Medicupping, the Bowen Technique, and Gua-Sha services. 


About the Massage

  • What should I expect during my massage? North Carolina law requires draping, and I will always use a sheet, not a towel.  if there is any part of your body you prefer to not be touched such as your feet or glutes, please put that on your intake form and let me know in advance. Neuromuscular work can require work in the glute area, and under the arms.  Lymphatic drainage can require breast work, and if that’s the case, I will have you sign a waiver saying you understand and acknowledge that you need this treatment and why. I will never work in an area that you are uncomfortable with. 

  • Do I have to take off my clothes? Most people who receive a massage prefer to remove their clothes down to their underwear.  Ladies, it is hard to work on your shoulders and back when you are wearing a bra, so please let me know if you are not comfortable removing it. You will stay under the covers except for the area I am working on and I always assume each client is completely nude and drape accordingly. I am working on my Neurokinetic certification and that type of bodywork can be done through the clothing. Most likely that is something we will do before your session starts and you undress if you request NKT.

  • When is it not okay to get a massage? Never come in for a massage when you are battling infection, whether it’s viral or bacterial, as massage can lead to it being spread throughout your body much quicker.  If you are on an antibiotic, please finish it before you come in.

  • What do I do if the pressure is too much or not enough? I will ask you several times about pressure. Please feel free to speak up at any time and ask me to adjust the pressure. The more we communicate, the better your session will be!  

  • Can I talk to the massage therapist? This is your session, talk as much as you want! Talking can be very therapeutic, however, I will focus on the bodywork as a priority. You can also relax and zone out…never feel like you have to entertain your therapist. I will take my cue from you!

  • Should I tell my massage therapist about injuries? On your intake form there will be a section with questions regarding scars or any injuries at any time during your life. Please take a few minutes and answer these in a detailed way, as this type of information is very important with muscle testing, stretching, and bodywork. Some health issues are contraindicated by certain types of massages so always be honest about any medications and health issues you have going on.

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